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Below you will find documents, reports and articles on various personal injury, automobile accident, traumatic brain injury, motorcycle collision, wrongful death, tractor-trailer wreck, dog bite/attack, medical malpractice, DWI/DUI, reckless driving and driving on suspended license law topics.

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Accidents are the leading cause of death among toddlers, so keeping your home baby-proof is an essential part of being a parent, grandparent or anyone who has babies and toddlers who visit their home. It takes just a few minutes for you to baby-proof your home and keep your children, grandchildren or youngest visitors safe. […]

Experienced pet owners know how much responsibility and work are required to choose the appropriate dog to bring into the home and neighborhood where children are present. Dogs do not automatically know what behavior is expected from their owners. And many owners may not know how to properly raise or socialize a dog, or choose […]

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If you are injured by a dog, then, generally, you must demonstrate that the dog owner or custodian was negligent. The owners and/or custodians of dogs are responsible for property damage and personal injuries caused by their dogs when the owners and/or custodians are negligent.  Negligence is defined as the owner or custodian failing to […]

According to a recent survey by the American Pet Products Manufacturers’ Association there are currently almost 75 million dogs in the USA. The National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (the “CDC”) in Atlanta, Georgia has indicated that dogs bite or attack nearly 2% of the U.S. population, which translates into more than 4.7 million […]

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Negligence of the Other Driver: In Virginia, in order to successfully make a claim for personal injuries sustained in an automobile accident, you must prove that the driver of the vehicle that hit you was “negligent.”  “Negligent” simply means that the other driver acted unreasonably under the circumstances. In relation to a motor vehicle crash, […]

The safety of commercial tour buses and drivers are under scrutiny after a recent fatal bus crash killing four passengers on May 31, 2011 in Caroline County, Virginia just north of Richmond on I-95 was due to driver fatigue. This accident involving a Sky Express Inc. bus was completely avoidable if the driver had been […]

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