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Below you will find documents, reports and articles on various personal injury, automobile accident, traumatic brain injury, motorcycle collision, wrongful death, tractor-trailer wreck, dog bite/attack, medical malpractice, DWI/DUI, reckless driving and driving on suspended license law topics.

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Defective Airbags Can Cause Injury in a Torrance Car Accident A defective airbag can result in serious or even fatal injuries during a Torrance car accident. Automobile manufacturers sometimes issue airbag recalls when they become aware of airbag safety issues. However, the individual car owner is not always aware of these airbag recalls. The car […]

When a Torrance Accident Results in an Open Head Injury If you have been injured in a Torrance accident and suffered a head or brain injury, you may be entitled to seek damages through a Torrance personal injury claim. A Torrance brain injury lawyer will carefully examine the facts in your case to determine if […]

The Rigors of Subacute Treatment after a Torrance Accident When you or a loved one sustains a traumatic brain injury (TBI), there are 3 stages of treatment. The first stage, which is known as acute treatment, focuses on saving the individual’s life and then stabilizing them. The next step for a TBI is subacute treatment. […]

Making Sense of Torrance Traffic Accident Statistics for 2009 No one can predict when a car accident will occur. When it does and you suffer bodily injuries, you should speak with a Torrance car accident lawyer, who can help you file and pursue a personal injury claim in Los Angeles. In addition, a lawyer understands […]

Long-Term Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury after a Torrance Accident One of the most devastating injuries to sustain in a Torrance accident is a traumatic brain injury (TBI). A TBI could result in serious complications, in which long-term problems and a decreased quality of life are common outcomes. Time off of work may be indefinite-permanent, […]

4 Medical Mistakes to Avoid after a Torrance Auto Accident If you have sustained serious bodily injuries after a Torrance auto accident, you may be facing a lot of uncertainty about your recovery and treatment. Not only are you dealing with the healing process but you may plan on filing a Virginia personal injury claim. […]

Bikers are going to need to continue to be extra careful when driving alongside cars on roads. A bill had been issued to the Virginia House to require a wider passing distance between cars and bicycles. The required distance would increase from 2 feet to 3 feet. Virginia bicyclists believe the wider passing distance would […]

A broken neck actually refers to a fractured neck bone; there are 7 vertebrae that make up the neck, so a broken neck may include 1 or more broken bones/vertebrae in this area of the spine. In some cases a broken neck can be successfully treated and an individual will fully recover as long as […]

A cervical strain is one type of neck injury that is often seen in motor vehicle accidents, especially when there is high impact involved. This type of injury is accompanied by pain that can be difficult to manage as it affects the muscles and ligaments connected to the cervical section of the spine (the neck). […]

One of the more devastating and painful injuries to sustain in a car accident in Virginia is a broken back. A broken back is a broad term for dislocated or fractured vertebrae in 4 specific sections of the spine. This type of injury can lead to not only expensive medical bills but a lengthy time off […]

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