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Torrance Motorcycle Accident Lawyer and Motorcycle Injury Attorney – The drivers of automobiles, trucks, and other vehicles who intentionally, recklessly or carelessly hit a motorcyclist in most cases suffer very little, if any, harm themselves. Unfortunately, it’s not the same for the motorcyclist who was hit.

Motorcycle accidents many times result in catastrophic injuries to the people who were riding them. Some of the more common types of injuries in motorcycle accidents include:

– serious back injuries
– bone fractures
– soft-tissue injuries
– loss of limbs or digits
– spinal cord damage
– paralysis or quadriplegia
– brain injuries
– head injuries
The personal injury lawyer and staff of Farahi Law Firm, APC help our motorcycle accident clients receive prompt, fair and just compensation for injuries caused by the negligence of others. We understand that as someone injured in a motorcycle accident you can be overwhelmed and may be suffering from emotional, physical and financial burdens. We’ll defend your rights, allowing you to focus on the recovery process. If you’ve been injured in a similar accident call your Torrance Motorcycle Accident Lawyer and Motorcycle Injury Attorney. Farahi Law Firm, APC is committed to allowing victims of motorcycle accidents to return to the life they led prior to sustaining their injuries. Contact us for a free case evaluation.

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