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Child car seats are meant to protect your baby or young child in the event of a Torrance car accident. Unfortunately, a car seat defect or malfunction may mean that even a properly secured child can suffer serious or fatal injury in the event of a crash. A Farahi Law Firm personal injury attorney can examine the circumstances of your Torrance car accident to help determine if a defective car seat played a role in your child’s injuries.

Listed below are types of car seat defects that can lead to serious injury:

  • broken car seat parts;.
  • used car seats; and/or
  • inadequate car seat restraints. 

Many types of injuries have been caused by defective car seats. Even if the injuries were not fatal, huge medical expenses may cause a major financial burden and years of medical care and rehabilitation for your child. Your Farahi Law Firm personal injury attorney will work with you to develop a Torrance personal injury claim that fully addresses your child’s injuries.

Types of injuries a child may suffer due to a defective car seat in the event of a Torrance car accident include:

  • traumatic brain injuries;
  • concussions;
  • brain damage;
  • abdominal injuries;
  • cardiovascular problems;
  • contusions;
  • internal bleeding;
  • broken bones; and/or
  • spinal cord injuries.

When a child is seriously injured because of a defective car seat, a Farahi Law Firm personal injury attorney can examine all aspects of your Torrance car accident in order to pursue damages from all liable parties, which may include the manufacturer, designer or retailer of the defective car seat.

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